Why Do So Many Businesses Invest in Content Marketing?

Janette Hoefer
3 min readMay 31, 2022

And should you consider it, too?

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Content Marketing has become kind of a buzzword these days as the days are gone when “content creation” was something just influencers did.

Today, every business seems to get into the game of content creation and content marketing.

Behind the buzz

But let’s take a look behind the buzz: What are the actual reasons businesses invest in Content Marketing? And why is it important to think about your goals before creating even a single piece of content?

First of all: 69 percent of B2B businesses and 70 percent of B2C companies say their Content Marketing strategy is successful. They are content with it and want to continue.

And they are right: For most brands — and even personal brands — it does make a lot of sense to invest in this long game of content creation and content marketing.

But no matter if you are a dedicated marketer or someone just doing marketing and communications for their own business because there is no one else to do it: No matter if you already have a strong brand positioning or are still figuring out your brand voice and brand archetype: You should never do it because it’s what companies do these days.

You should always, and for every piece of content you create, know why you are creating it. Or, to reframe it: What your focused goal is.

  • Knowing and respecting consciously what you actually want to achieve will reflect on what and how you create it.
  • It will also be a great vehicle and reminder to tailor this piece of content to the specific subgroup of people it’s supposed to address — within your broader audience or target group.

This way, you can create the most value for a specific set of people.

I can’t stress enough how important this is, especially for your cornerstone content that takes up a more considerable commitment of time and resources.

Top strategic goals to pursue with content (marketing)

Having said that, let’s look at the Top-3 strategic goals that companies pursue with content marketing:

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