Personal Branding 2022: Linkedin’s New Creator Mode

Are You Leveraging the Power of the New Tools to Grow Your Audience and Personal Brand?

Janette Hoefer
2 min readApr 13, 2022


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Are you missing out on the power of LinkedIn’s new Creator Mode to grow your audience or establish yourself as a personal brand? Or are you growing your business and sharing your content via your personal account?

LinkedIn’s Creator Mode

LinkedIn’s new Creator Mode lets you grow your audience and share your content much better than before via your personal account.

The facts

Last year, LinkedIn rolled out its Creator Mode.

More than 5.5 million users worldwide turned on the new feature.

Are you already one of them? If not, maybe you should consider it.

The potential

LinkedIn’s Creator Mode is a powerful option to grow your audience as a creator, personal brand, or corporate influencer.

Therefore, if you are using LinkedIn at all to grow your business via your personal account, it’s a perfect tool to leverage for the success of your business, too.

The Creator Mode feature helps you establish your voice, unlock new opportunities, and build an engaged audience.

The results

LinkedIn already published some facts about it, and the stats are enormous:

  • 50 % Follower: In the past year alone, they have seen a nearly 50 percent increase in the people following profiles who have turned on Creator Mode.
  • 30 % Engagement: They have seen a nearly 30 percent increase in the engagement on content created by people with Creator Mode turned on over the past year, too.

More features

Since its launch, LinkedIn added even more tools and features to empower the Creator Mode further:

  • New Creator Analytics
  • Improved individual post analytics
  • New Content Alerts
  • New Profile Video Tools
  • Featured Newsletter

The conclusion

If you are using LinkedIn at all to grow your business via your personal account or your personal brand in general, make sure to turn on the Creator Mode and check it out.



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