One Year Ago, I Decided to Quit My Job to Become a Freelancer.

Today, I Am One Week Into My First Workation on a Portuguese Island.

Janette Hoefer
3 min readApr 19, 2022


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A lot happened since I quit my company job to become a Freelancer. One of the big milestones being on my first ever Workation on a lovely island in the North Atlantic.

If you want to know a bit about my story, how my life as a freelancer is going and what I’d like everyone to consider who is thinking about becoming their own boss, too: Keep reading.

How it all started

I had a good job, and quitting was a tough decision.
Especially because I didn’t have anything SOLID lined up for the after. Not a “better” job, not a higher salary, not even a concrete game plan. And I am pretty much of a planner…

All I had was the feeling that I needed to change something, that I wanted more, and that I got no good excuses left not to take the leap — and try this thing that had somehow crawled into the back of my head.

So I did it.

I quit my job — with nothing more than the idea of becoming a freelancer, doing what I did for 8+ years under the umbrella of another agency or company, but on my own.

As I am from Germany, there have been three months between the quitting and actually being out of the job.

After a two-week vacation to get in a little pause, I started my own business officially in September last year.

How did and does it feel?

It’s been hard.
It’s been fantastic.
It’s been a lot.
Though it’s kind of the same job, it’s a totally different job.

You probably know the feeling: You know it’s good for you, you know you grow, you know it’s what you want, it is even working out really well most of the time, but it still hurts sometimes.

And how is it going?

This month, I hit another significant personal milestone:
One week ago, I started my first ever Workation. Meaning I traveled to a Portuguese island in the North Atlantic Ocean to live and work here…



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