Not Sure How to Talk About Your Business? Start With the Why

Because in 2022, Every Great Business Story Starts With the Why!

3 min readApr 8, 2022
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If you are struggling with talking about your brand or business and how to position yourself, you are not alone.

From freelancer, entrepreneur, Start-up to established business: A lot of companies and solopreneurs struggle with this when they start to talk about their business.

As a communications professional, it’s my job to help companies find their voice, messages, and stories. It all starts with a strong positioning that digs deep.

It takes a lot of time to get this right. But there are some tips, like knowing your Brand Archetype, that can help you get started and get the fundamentals right.

Another one of those steps is: Start with the Why to discover what your business is really about!

Because in 2022, every great business story starts with the why!

What is the “start with the Why” method about?

Simon Sinek, a British-American author and inspirational speaker, came up with the so-called Golden Circle, which is how he wrapped the “Start with the Why”-method in his book “Start with Why”.