Memes: Underrated communication tool, art form, or red flag

Should businesses, corporate influencers, or personal brands (create &) share Memes?

Janette Hoefer
2 min readJun 23, 2022


Opinions tend to differ about Memes. While they are a cornerstone of digital communication for some, others can’t relate to the (supposedly) funny little pictures at all.
In corporate communications, the divide seems even broader. Many shy away from using Memes.

They fear:

* Not appear serious enough and lose credibility
* Putting a foot in the company’s mouth and making themselves look ridiculous or silly
* Stray too far from the corporate identity
* Not be funny

And some are simply unsure how to get started.

On the other hand, many well-known companies leverage the power of Memes, such as Netflix, Disney, or tinder.
But even smaller players can generate a great deal of attention and reach a lot of interaction and success that positively contributes to the company’s goals.

👉 So, should businesses, corporate influencers, or personal brands (create) & share memes?

It depends.

Memes can be a superb additional tool to talk about your business and generate traction. But they can potentially also hurt a bit.

Thinking about these things can be a good starting point to make up a decision:

➡️ Do Memes in any way reflect your brand’s style and your business’s values? Or do they break with your brand essence?
➡️ For example, are humor and openness among the qualities you want to convey externally and internally?
➡️ Can you and your team members relate to memes?
➡️ Can you as a company laugh at yourselves?
➡️ Do you have someone on your team who’d enjoy the tasks, plus some time that can be dedicated to this?
➡️ How would you handle it if you put your foot in your mouth? If applicable: How provocative or confrontational are you willing to be?

👉 Bottom line

Memes are EVERYTHING: An underrated communication form that can boost your reach and awareness, an art form AND a red flag. It depends on your business.

In the end: If you say Meme, you have to be able to laugh at yourself, too. 🤪

💌 I am curious. Let me know if memes are a part of your business communication and why (not).



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