Do You Use Pictures and Videos for Your Public Relations?

You really should! The facts:

Janette Hoefer
2 min readAug 1, 2022


Do You Use Pictures and Videos for Your Public Relations?
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The Cision 2022 State of Media Report, which surveyed hundreds of journalists, came to some conclusions which I can confirm by 100%:

🔸 22% of journalists say PR professionals do them a MAJOR favor when they include images in their topic proposals and press releases.

🔸 They report six times more engagement on their social media posts (like sharing the articles they have written) when they include multiple images.

🔹 ONLY 81% of PR professionals included at least one picture, graphic, or video when they reached out to journalists within the last six months before the survey.

…🤯 Here is why you should leverage the power of visualization for your pr

💥 We live in a visual world

Not only on television and social media are images and videos almost always used.

Or when was the last time you saw a major print or online article without at least one picture?

That should be rare or a while ago.

💥 𝗣𝗥 is already digital

Strong visual online channels such as LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms, as well as blogs, have become an indispensable part of effective press relations.

After all, media and journalists are increasingly using these channels today to distribute their content and find topics, people and stories.

Does that mean …

…You will definitely get into the press if you include fancy photos? No, absolutely not.

… You shouldn’t even have to bother if you don’t have pictures. No, but:

Images, infographics and videos that you offer journalists directly facilitate their work — and thus make your article more attractive.

🚀 Use visualizations as an advantage

If your content is principally interesting to a journalist, your images and videos will work for you:

➡ They take work away from journalists and editors, for which they often have little capacity.

➡ They increase the likelihood that fewer media with an overlapping readership will enter the race with the same cover image.

➡ They can transport your recognizable visual brand identity or even logo.

➡ And: Over time, journalists remember contacts who work with them reliably and proactively, making their work easier.

Let me know if you have questions about this.



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